Real Estate. For real people.

We know Richmond. We know real estate. If we don’t know you, we know people who know you. We believe that, in a place where everyone knows everyone, the traditional method of real estate sales is not the answer.

A different kind of numbers game.

The typical real estate agent spends most of their time not marketing houses, but marketing themselves. Their goal is to cast the widest net possible so that if they lose a few listings or buyers along the way, it won’t matter.  For them, success means closing the transaction and collecting the commission. The details are secondary.

We have a different approach. Instead of trying to cast a wider net, we’re casting a better net, One that treats each client the way we would want to be treated ourselves. This focus on a small, highly served client base allows us to devote our working hours to serving our customers, not passing them off to coordinators and heading back out to farm for more prospects.

Our focus isn’t on the number of transactions, but the numbers in your transaction. The result? Our clients happily point their friends, family and co-workers in our direction.


We know Richmond. We love Richmond. We’re invested in making Richmond a better place.

We understand the market inside and out, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block.

Many on our staff aren’t just agents, but are involved in rehab projects around the city. We aren’t in real estate to make a buck. We’re in pursuit of our passion. When you partner with us, you’re not just giving us a project, you’re inviting us to share your homebuying adventure with you.

And we know what it takes to make a house a home. And by focusing on properties that could use some love, we have lots of insight about great potential homes for you in Richmond.

We win. You win. Richmond wins. Everybody wins!




we don't hire salespeople.

neither should you.

Matt Smith

Principal Broker/Realtor              804.833.6377

Initially licensed in 1998, Matt had a beeper. He used to drive around with a paper map. A 3rd generation real estate broker, Matt grew up in this business, in this market, and has a very long list of satisfied clients who would be happy to give references. Matt is a Richmond native and lives in Varina with his wife, three kids, a dog and a cat.

Shane Mcafee

Realtor       804.480.4121 


Jean-Paul Cossé

Realtor          804.339.7043   

Rich Stine

Realtor      804.840.7720


Casey White

Realtor              804.869.8600

Casey graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Finance, worked as a Wachovia Securities analyst before moving to a private financial planning firm. From there, he entered the real estate world as a project manager at Centex Homes.

Casey then spent 5 years running a surf camp in New Zealand.

Since returning to Richmond, Casey has been building quality homes and assisting sellers and buyers as a licensed Realtor with MSE Properties.

Kat Medaries

Realtor              804.814.8135

Formerly the Executive Director of a global financial services advisory business, Kathleen moved to Richmond to get closer to family and a reasonable pace of life.  A budding real estate investor, she became licensed to gain better access to the market and soon discovered how much she enjoyed working with buyers and sellers.

Her approach to real estate is a direct reflection of her past experience in financial services.  A compliance background make her approach detail oriented when it comes to contracts and negotiations.  Her marketing and consultation background gave her the opportunity to work with all types of personalities and helped develop an outside the box approach that Realtors need to be successful. 

She is a Volunteer Leader with HandsOn RVA, a half marathoner, singer and avid angler. 

Teri Zwerman

Realtor              804.350.4165

A better way to find the home of your dreams.

Searching for homes online can be a blast. Until it isn’t. You find the perfect home, only to find out that it sold. A month ago.

Forget the endless searching. We take the time to get to know you, and develop a custom profile to help us match you with the property of your dreams. We share our extensive network and experience in the Richmond area with you, giving you access to properties not listed on the big monster search engines.

But most importantly, we share our expertise. We turn you into an educated and savvy consumer. Instead of serving as a gatekeeper, we become a guide who knows the terrain well and helps you navigate the twists and turns to arrive at your destination.


You've got questions. We've Got answers.


Why use a realtor at all?

Good question!  Admittedly, we're a little would be impossible for any of us to buy or sell a house without a REALTOR...It's a complex and nuanced business and chances are overwhelmingly good you'll be facing a REALTOR on the other side of your transaction if you decide to go it alone.

Here are some other things we don't recommend going "DIY" on:

Dentistry, tattoos, snake removal, paving, air travel, veterinary care, cosmetic surgery, masonry, elevator repair.

I've never bought or sold a home before. where do i start?

Our ultimate goal is to be the first and last resource you need in your quest to buy or sell (or sell and buy) a home.   We have all worked for years and years (and years and years and years) to vett lenders, attorneys, inspectors, carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, photographers, builders, electricians, HVAC repairmen, etc. so that you don't have to do the "trial and error" thing.  We have a list of contacts that we constantly utilize for our own purchases, sales, renovations, residences and builds.  If they're good enough for our clients, they're good enough for us.  And vice versa.  

The point is, you start with MSE Properties.  If you have a problem with your house, we know who can fix it best and for the best value.  If you have a question about your brother's lease, we either know the answer or are a phone call away from having it.  If there is a need, question or want relating to housing in Central Virginia, start with us.  Save some steps.


I know 4 other realtors...why should i use you?

Well, that's a very forward and direct question! We could list accolades and anecdotes and even hard data...and will be happy to.  But what we really recommend is stopping by the office and talking to us.  Whether you're buying or selling.  You're going to spend a fair amount of time with this agent.  This agent is going to be your tour guide on a very important journey.  Choose wisely.  Several times a year, we're approached with some variation of "UGHHHH...I wish we had used you guys."  There are some horror stories out there.  But we don't have any.  Seriously.  Ask around.

i keep hearing there's no do i buy a house in such a competitive market?

It's all in who you know.  With the combined experience of our agents, we've established a LOT of contacts in this business.  Our individual and collective reputations as honest, direct, level, and savvy agents often allows us access to listings before they're listings.  We can't always get you in before the crowd, but we can help you stand apart from the crowd while offers are being reviewed.




it’s time to get real about real estate.


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